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Shopping Campaigns for E-Commerce

Shopping advertisements (or product listing ads) are Google’s solution for eCommerce companies trying to make interested buyers more accessible. Google Shopping campaigns provide a major sales boost for eCommerce sites with a range of marketing choices targeted to goals such as driving traffic or advertising specials and discounts.

Media Factory will help you put your products in the spotlight by designing and executing a campaign strategy that is tailored to maximize sales while reducing costs per sale. We take over your product listing ads in full management and combine our expertise with industry best practices to improve your performance and increase sales.


How Our Google Shopping Campaigns Work

1. ​Data Quality Optimization

​It is critical that your Merchant Center data feed stay up-to-date and accurate as this is what Google is pulling product data to create your ads. For your company, we maintain a high-quality data feed representing the latest product updates and optimizing your photos and product descriptions to maximize clicks. By setting up negative keywords to prevent your products from appearing on irrelevant or low-traffic search queries, we further maximize your campaign results.

2. ​Shopping Campaign Strategy and Structure

​We start creating your shopping advertisements and product listing ads once your data feed is in tip-top shape. Customizing shopping campaigns can be complex and difficult to manage with a variety of settings to choose from and specific budgets and performance reporting for each ad. While creating a strategy to segment the campaigns into different marketing groups and product categories, we eliminate these problems. This highly granular approach enables us to ensure that the most budget is received by the best groups, thus maximizing performance.

3. ​Strategic Bidding

​Whether or not Google will display your products, directly influences bids, so it’s crucial to be strategic. We refine your bid to ensure that your products are given the exposure they deserve with the ultimate goal of boosting your ROI in mind.

​4. Performance Monitoring

​To ensure that the desired goals are achieved by your shopping campaign, we track its performance regularly and optimize it accordingly. We review data from your target groups and even examine the success of other marketers selling similar products to decide where we excel and where opportunities may be missed.