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Remarketing and Retargeting

Remarketing and retargeting strategies provide a unique opportunity for your company to create targeted advertisements that are only shown to users who have visited your home page or similar pages on your site. This type of campaign keeps your brand in front of prospects long after they have left your website, which in today’s fast-moving digital environment is extremely valuable.

Media Factory will help you develop a retargeting campaign that summons these prospects ‘ interest and drives them down the marketing funnel. We ensure that your campaign is optimized for conversions from audience segmentation to writing ad copy and creative design.


​How Our Remarketing Services Work

1. ​Campaign Strategy and Structure

​We have experience in running campaigns across a variety of platforms for ad retargeting, including Google AdWords and AdRoll, as well as more targeted networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We would help you select the best networks according to your needs and integrate proven methods of conversion into your overall strategy for the campaign.

2. ​Creative Optimization

​An effective remarketing campaign strategy begins with a solid deal that draws attention. We would help you identify the most relevant deals for your target audience to promote. Our design experts then assist in the development of creative ads that drive more clicks.

3. ​Audience Segmentation

​While every prospect has expressed interest in your product or service, not all members of your retargeting audience viewed the same web pages or had the same needs. We set up audience segmentation, based on their specific interests and design issues, to reach your customers with different ads and offers. This customizes the ad experience for every user of your target audience and improves sales by ensuring that your ad is important to them. We also set up frequency boosting to protect your ads from over-exposure.

4. ​Landing Page Strategy

It is a perfect way to maximize lead generation by connecting your retargeting ad to a personalized landing page. Through integrating developed best practices and conversion-driving factors into their design, our design team will create custom landing pages for your offers.

5. ​A/B Testing

​We regularly test your retargeting advertising to drive constant improvement of promotions and create different versions of ads to test and compare interaction with audiences. We then improve the better performing advertisements and replace the others with alternative versions to ensure maximum results are generated by your campaign.

​6. Tracking and Reporting

​Knowing which advertisements and ad channels provide the most results for your company is important to you. Using Google Tag Manager or UTM tracking, we incorporate URL tracking in each of your remarketing ads. We also monitor the flow for full lead transfer into your marketing automation and sales CRM systems. You are kept in the loop all the way with our comprehensive reports, which give you information about your campaign performance along with our expert insights.

Stay Top-of-Mind With Remarketing and Retargeting