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Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid Social is an efficient way of promoting your content and services to a target audience, but it’s not something to leap into without a strategy. From campaigning and advertisement to budget management and research, paid social marketing is made up of many moving parts. Not only that but with the multitude of social networks available to advertise your company through, it can be hard to determine which are the most successful channels for you.

As a professional marketing agency, we are actively optimizing our social media advertising skills across the most tested channels and running business campaigns across a variety of industries.  For each channel, we have spent years developing our expertise and can use our knowledge to create a successful social strategy for your company.

Social Media Advertising
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How Our Social Media Advertising Works

Mastering the complexities of each social media advertising network will take time. We are experts on the most efficient business networks including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. We use our expertise to build an effective strategy on the social media channels of your choice that will help you achieve your goals.

​To drive interaction, traffic and sales for a variety of different deals, we have created hundreds of innovative advertisements for our clients. We use our branding experience and proven copy development skills to develop customized advertisements for your products while keeping your brand and style guide in mind throughout the creative process.

​Budget management is one of the most complicated elements of paid social marketing, but we know exactly what to do with our experienced squad. Into your bidding approach, we implement best practices that generate results from your advertising while minimizing costs per the desired action.

​We get it — you don’t have the time to monitor your paid social campaign results regularly. That’s the reason we’re here. We check your campaigns on a regular basis, notice changes and optimization areas. We also carry out A/B tests to identify which ad characteristics drive the most performance and then optimize your ads accordingly.

​We at Media Factory are all about transparency. We ensure that you are constantly updated about the status of your campaigns and advertising, giving you full reports of all relevant data and KPIs. In addition, we provide our paid social media advertising experts with performance analysis. Using the analysis of these surveys, we optimize the campaign strategy to ensure that we take every available opportunity.