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Ecommerce PPC Campaigns

​Media Factory’s e-commerce PPC development experts are indeed talented and concerned with ROI. To build and optimize powerful e-commerce PPC campaigns for your company, we go the extra mile and leverage our expertise. Our validated Bing and Google strategies are designed to boost your site’s traffic and transform visitors into customers, helping your company reach its full potential. Read more about our PPC e-commerce services or contact us for a free consultation today.


Ecommerce PPC management for sustained growth.

How Our Ecommerce PPC Services Work

​Ecommerce PPC Management

​A successful PPC program has many elements, including keyword research optimization, reporting and analytics. Each of these pieces play a crucial role in the success of your PPC ads and how you can develop them further. Our PPC management experts have perfected their ability by using customized strategies that ensure long-term success to help e-commerce customers like you achieve and exceed their sales goals.

​Keyword Research

​Your PPC campaigns will fall flat without a comprehensive keyword study. Our team uses advanced keyword research tools to identify the terms that most of your target audience is looking for, using that information to identify the best keyword opportunities for your campaign. We then create convincing PPC ads powered by keywords that will help you improve interaction and conversions.

​Creative Copy

​While our optimization strategies are what gets your ad in front of the right viewers, the ad copy is what will force them to click over someone else’s on your ad. That’s why it’s important to create captivating headlines and highlights for your ads. Our experienced wordmakers take the time to understand your brand and your audience in order to create advertisements designed to maximize click-through rates.

Landing Page Creation

​If potential customers just click on your PPC ad for a generic landing page or home page, you can miss out a lot of conversions. Instead, a custom landing page with a simple call-to-action is needed. If you’re advertising a specific product, for example, the user shouldn’t have to go looking for it once they click on your site. The idea is to make the process of shopping as seamless as possible. With sales-driven content, our designers create well-designed and optimized landing pages that will help you close the deal.

​Tracking and Measuring Success

​Also if you are using the leading e-commerce PPC methods, you still need to monitor and evaluate performance to ensure that your campaigns are achieving their full potential. Our team uses URL tracking codes [ UTM tracking & Google Tag Manager ] to get the most precise insights so that we know when, where, and from whom your conversions come. Additionally, we periodically provide you with detailed reports so you’re always in the loop.

​Budget Management

​For each client, the e-commerce PPC agency should not have a cookie-cutter approach. Rather, your campaign should be tailored to fit your specific goals and the budget. Budget planning is far more complex than simply applying to your campaigns a spending cap. Our experienced team uses their great deal of experience to ensure that by optimizing individual keyword bids and daily budgets, your budget, large or small, is used efficiently.

​Device Optimization

​Smartphones popularity has changed the way customers shop online. Now at any time, they can research and buy from anywhere. Mobile optimization is no longer an option because of this — it’s a necessity. We customize all of your promotions, ads, and landing pages for all devices to help you increase conversions.