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Facebook Ads For Ecommerce Help You Achieve Higher Success

The social media site, with more than 2 billion active users on Facebook, is basically the biggest shopping mall in the world. If your e-commerce website does not take advantage of Facebook ads, you might be missing massive amounts of revenue.

For granular Facebook Ad targeting, you can hit your exact desktop and mobile customers and retarget them until they are converted. But while e-commerce Facebook ads have enormous potential for success, there’s also plenty of space for failure — unless you put your Facebook ad campaigns in capable hands. That’s where it comes handy for a professional Facebook marketing firm.

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Effective Facebook Ads for Ecommerce

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How Our Facebook Ads for Ecommerce Services Work

​Facebook Ad Design

​It’s not as easy to create a successful e-commerce ad for Facebook as just choosing a graphic and a clever caption. We have identified the best practices for how your ad should look and feel to attract the right attention through our extensive experience. We will work with you to define the nature of your brand and target market, and then create custom advertisements that we know will work with our proven methods. We create an arsenal of advertising that are designed to convert using image, video, carousel, and canvas ads. We also create custom landing pages for customers to complete the process of conversion.

​Facebook Audience Targeting

​Once you’ve got a great ad, you need to set up specific target groups and make sure the right people watch and engage with it. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting time and money with worthless clicks. We will build Facebook audiences from the information you have gathered so far based on what we already know about your target buyers.  Based on your current customer base, we will also create custom Facebook audiences. This targeting option enables us to upload your contact list to connect to your current Facebook customers and deliver targeted ad material. We will also build Lookalike Audiences to allow you to use your customer information to find similar customers on Facebook, thus helping you to maximize exposure on your target market. If you set up correctly, Facebook audiences will surely bring new buy-ready leads for your company.  We will also run retargeting campaigns aimed at converting existing leads that have already shown interest in your products helping you to close sales that you may have missed otherwise.

​A/B Testing of Facebook Ad Creative and Ad Copy

​To ensure the best possible results, every Facebook e-commerce company worth its salt must check creatives A / B and copy ads. Proper A / B research means that in the future you can more quickly reproduce your results and improve ROI. We at Media Factory are proud of our ability to improve results— even if they are already good.