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We can serve you with following services.

Search Engine Optimisation



Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development Captivate users with awesome visuals and keep them immersed in your site by making it easy for them to find exactly what they want. The look and feel of a website will inspire, but user-friendliness is essential to achieving success. We firmly believe that balancing these two aspects of design will...
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Ecommerce Facebook Campaigns

For granular Facebook Ad targeting, you can hit your exact desktop and mobile customers and retarget them until they are converted.


Ecommerce PPC Campaigns

​Media Factory’s e-commerce PPC development experts are indeed talented and concerned with ROI. To build and optimize powerful e-commerce PPC campaigns for your company, we go the extra mile and leverage our expertise.


Shopping Campaigns for E-Commerce

Shopping advertisements (or product listing ads) are Google’s solution for eCommerce companies trying to make interested buyers more accessible.

Social Media Marketing

Remarketing and Retargeting

Remarketing and retargeting strategies provide a unique opportunity for your company to create targeted advertisements that are only shown to users who have visited your home page or similar pages on your site.

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Display Advertising

In order to achieve great results, Advertisement across Display network is a cost-effective way. But there comes a high risk with the high reward. With the multitude of targeting, positioning and bidding options available, confusing choices can result in thousands of wasted dollars in a matter of days or even hours.


Paid Search Management

Our paid search marketing experts can use customized landing pages to create the right plan to drive targeted traffic to your website and turn it into leads or sales.

Social Media Advertising

Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid Social is an efficient way of promoting your content and services to a target audience, but it’s not something to leap into without a strategy. From campaigning and advertisement to budget management and research, paid social marketing is made up of many moving parts.

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